Welcome at primary school De St@rtbaan!

SALTO-school De St@rtbaan is located in the middle of the bustling centre of Meerhoven, Meerrijk.

As you approach our school and walk under the historic airplane hangar you will see our beautiful sports hall on the right and our large green play area behind it. No traffic in the area so children can play undisturbed. Upon entering the school you enter the central auditorium with a grandstand where children can work, give presentations and watch performances.

Our school has 2 play rooms and 36 classrooms for 2 departments. When registering, parents can choose for De St@rtbaan where Dutch education is central. 
All children at De St@rtbaan receiveDutch lessons but there is also attention for English lessons in the classroom. For children who already speak English there is ‘Next level English’ (different levels), given by native speakers. There is also the possibility for parents to learn the Dutch language at school. For schoolyear '21-'22: How this will be implemented depends on the Corona rules.

There is also the option to choose for our International department, I-St@rt: our multilingual education offer for children of different nationalities. Their curriculum is 50% English and 50% Dutch. We invite you to come and meet our wonderful school.

Do you want to make an appointment for a tour in Dutch? Mail to info.startbaan@salto-eindhoven.nl and we are very happy to show our school in operation.

English language information meetings (I-St@rt and De St@rtbaan) are scheduled for a few times a year, these dates are planned for: ALL TOURS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19.

For a digital tour click here (in Dutch with English subtitles)

Sign up for the English information meeting (you will be redirected to I-St@rt)