Identity of the school

Our children grow up in a world that does not stop at the national border. Just looking around Meerhoven, you can see the diversity: people from outside the Netherlands come to live, work and send their children to a Dutch school. In this way, different cultures come into contact with each other almost 'naturally'. The school is a translation of the society in which we live together and learn from and with each other. Where we follow and celebrate Dutch traditions and get to know international ones. In our education, we add international and language-friendly components to our existing Dutch curriculum as an enrichment of our regular offerings. SALTO-school De St@rtbaan is therefore a primary school with a public foundation. This means that it is open to all pupils, regardless of their philosophy of life, belief, culture and/or orientation. Everyone is regarded as a unique person and left to his or her own devices. 
SALTO-school De St@rtbaan is part of the SPIL centre Meerrijk. Co-sponsors in the building are: Korein and the Eindhoven Library. The school uses "De Hangar" sports hall, which is housed in our SPIL centre, for physical education lessons. Most pupils come from the immediate surroundings of all the neighbourhoods.  


With our adaptive offer, in which the core values: responsibility, independence and cooperation are central, we guide our children in their development into world citizens. Through talent development, our children contribute sustainably to the future and are ready to live together in society.


Head, heart and hands characterise the philosophy of our school and the way our education is organised. The connection that our education makes between the head, heart and hands, contributes to a harmonious development of our children, through which they develop broadly and multiple talents are addressed.  

In our education, learning goes hand in hand with the development of executive functions. This provides our children with the conditions for learning. Learning strategies are provided to guide the children in organising and independently processing the subject matter. 

As a school, we have the task of passing on the necessary knowledge to our children. In addition to knowledge, we increase cognitive skills that our children will need in the future. Our education encourages an inquisitive attitude and our children think critically, creatively and solution-focused, making connections to the world around them. They help each other and ask for help. The digital resources used have an adaptive slant, so that the children process the material at their own level. We set high expectations within everyone's unique learning abilities. Our children are co-owners of their learning process, with the teacher setting the framework and leaving room for autonomy.  

The foundation is the development of the 'Heart'. With our education, we guide our children in their relationship with themselves, with others and with the world around them. Personal attention, a safe pedagogical climate and the development of social talents are the daily focus. Individuality is a value that is central to this. In order to be yourself, it is important to feel safe. If the environment is new to you, it is important to feel welcome. It contributes to a healthy feeling of well-being, which gives self-confidence and learning an optimal chance. SALTO-school De St@rtbaan is a place where you can be proud of who you are and where you are encouraged to be curious about your surroundings. We are enriched by the different backgrounds that families and children bring, and with that the knowledge and experiences, so that we can understand more and live better together. On SALTO-school De St@rtbaan we take care of each other.  

At SALTO-school De St@rtbaan the talent and feeling of our children is expressed in art and culture education where creative acting and thinking is central. This education contributes to a better and richer learning climate, because talent is in development and our children work on a broader competence and stimulates cultural awareness. Individuality is nurtured. Time and attention is structurally given to project-based work and creative subjects. The focus is on the process whereby our children apply self-reflection, contextual thinking and solution-oriented action. Curiosity is stimulated and an understanding develops for different opinions and views. Our art and culture education is also visible in the neighbourhood, where parents and the wider community are involved. There is close cooperation with cultural institutions in the neighbourhood, where the link with school practice and society outside the school is directly visible.