School hours & PE lessons

Prior to the start of the school there is a 10-minute walk-in every day from 08:20 to 08:30. The children can then go already to their class. Parents of toddlers (group 3 until the autumn break) may then go to class to say goodbye to their child and possibly make some quick announcements to the teacher.
The bell rings and the lessons start at 08:30.

Groups 1 to 8 lesson times
Monday          08:30 – 14:30
Tuesday         08:30 – 14:30
Wednesday   08:30 – 12:30
Thursday        08:30 – 14:30
Friday             08:30 – 14:30

Make an appointment with the teacher

In groups 1 to 3 there is an agenda at the door from the classroom where you can briefly write down your appointments an comments. For conversations with the teacher who require a little more time, please make an appointment.

Physical education

On the schedule of our toddlers is a daily sport and outdoor play time. They play in the playroom (next to their classes) We ask you to give your toddler sneakers (with Velcro tape, and NO black soles) to school. The shoes stay in school all year.
On the schedule of groups 3 to 8 are their sports lessons, they use the sports hall next to school.
Do you want to make sure that your child brings easy sport clothes to school: we think of shorts, a shirt and sneakers (no black sole). Sneakers with Velcro tape are also preferred for children in groups 3 and 4.