Our Plusses +++

In addition to providing good education by motivated and enthusiastic teachers and working on the balance between Head, Heart, Hands, we are proud of a number of extra (+++) that we offer at SALTO-school De St@rtbaan.
+++ Ambitious and varied subject matters, interesting and contemporary, in which we work on our teaching targets, use among others week-tasks and digital tools. Our school possesses computers, tablets and laptops to do this. In groups 5-8 all children have a Chromebook to practice the subject matter. 
+++ Suitable education. We ensure that there is customized support for all students, tuned to the individual needs. In the class rooms this is provided by the teachers and if needed there are educational assistants that provide support outside the normal class rooms. We will involve our internal support staff in case of specific needs.
+++ The Plusgroup DOEN (Denken Op Eigen Niveau = Thinking at your own Level) for more or highly intelligent children that need more than the normal curriculum. Students that need additional challenges will get the opportunity to participate once a week. Supported by our specialist Giftedness the students work on themes like philosophize, interaction and project work. During the week children will continue to work on exercises they received from this DOEN group.
+++ ART-training for children who deal with other children in a clumsy way. This internal training is done by one of our internal assistants to small groups of about 5 students. They playfully practice their social, communicative and confrontation skills. This method is based upon the theory of “Rots en Water” (rock and water).
+++ POWER-training for students that have a hard time to show their own talents. During these training sessions children learn to trust their own strength. They learn to recognize and accept feelings. To think positively, to solve problems and to deal with uncertainty in a different way. This training is for groups of max 10 students for a period of 10 weeks.
+++ A lot of attention for dealing with each other. SALTO-school De St@rtbaan has a good pedagogical climate. We start our days in the groups in the circles during which we work on social skills, discussion and presenting skills. 
+++ Creativity is the focal point during our crea-days who are shaped in a joined effort between our school and guest teachers. Standard components of the crea-days are: visual arts, dance, music, multimedia, healthy behaviour (cooking). Besides those crea-days we participate in GLOW, visit the van Abbe-museum, Dynamo and STRP- Biennale. The musical project: ‘De Koning is muziek’ (the king is music) is executed by groups 4. We close our crea-days with a creative project lasting for 4 weeks in all groups. The highlight of that period is the Kunstroute (arts route) in Meerhoven, during which the children present the fruits of their labour to parents and others who are interested. 
+++ SALTO Gezond in Beweging (healthy in movement) is an initiative to support a healthy lifestyle. 
All groups participate in lessons from our subject matter expert “movement education”. He is assisted by at least 5 interns from Fontys Sporthogeschool, (sports college). Our gymnastics classes ensure quality, moving and enjoying sports. We received the label ‘De gezonde school‘ (the healthy school). Within the curriculum we structurally focus on a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition. Our school also participates in the yearly EU-school fruit. Three days a week there is fruit for the students available at school. We also feature an extensive after school sports program supported by qualified sports teachers. We are testing some furniture that contributes to learning while moving. We also see active versus passive teaching in our curriculum.
+++ Nature education. 
Together with Natuurrijk Eindhoven we started some interesting nature activities. The senior groups in our school maintain the sand martin wall in park Meerland and there are nature days during with children clean  birdhouses,  clean litter, stack branches etc. Kindergarteners walk the kabouter pad (gnome path) twice a year and they do a seasons walk in the nature surrounding our school.
+++ Traffic education is a standard part of the curriculum. We have an active traffic-workgroup and our school received the Brabants Verkeersveiligheids Label (BVL) which is a safety label. In group 7 all of our students will have a traffic exam by which they learn how to participate safely in traffic.
+++ De KinderMedezeggenschapsRaad (KMR) = child participation council, allows the students to discuss and think about how we organize our school. We take their opinion very seriously. The KMR is very active and exists of students from groups 6-8 who get together about 5 times a year guided by our unit leader.
+++ Before- and afterschool care in co-operation with Korein. 
Korein offers care, in our building, before and after school. They also feature day care for children 0-4 years old close to our school. More information: https://www.korein.nl/kinderopvang.
+++ The school itself is also focusing on after school activities. We are guided by the needs of children and parents. Currently we feature: science, English, touch typing and sports.