Application and placement

If you want to register your child use our application form.

Sign up procedure

When you wish to register your child, you may use our register / sign up form.
You may:
-Hand in the form at school
-Send it by post to; SALTO-school De St@rtbaan, Meerbos 16, 5658LA Eindhoven
-Or scan it and mail it to:
Important: the form must be signed by both parents.
As soon as we receive the forms, you will receive an administrative mail that the forms have arrived.
When you have registered your child for school, you will receive a message about 3 months before the child turns 4 years old. This message will contain information regarding which group he or she will be placed and after that the definite registration will follow.
When children are signed up for higher classes / groups, the school will contact the child’s previous school for all relevant information. This will be screened by our internal care specialists, whom will determine if any other tests or information is needed. They will also decide in which group the child will start or if another school is better suited.
Repositioning children from special-needs schools back to a ‘regular’ elementary school can only be done by recommendation from the special-needs school.
The director (headmaster) has the final decision whether a child can be registered to our school.

Student placement

Our schools ambition is to give each child the education that he or she needs.
When a child needs extra care, we try to give as much as possible. When a child whom needs extra care is signed up for school, the child will be carefully discussed with our care team to see what we can offer the child in our school. There are however boundaries to what we can offer within our school (compared to special needs schools).

Your toddler starts at school

Children may start school when they are four years old.
Two months before your child turns four, your child may come to school to practice for two half.
Parents may make an appointment for this with the teacher.
A child must be potty trained in order to start at school. If this is not the case then the teacher will make an appointment with you to figure out how we can make it happen as soon as possible.